Regression Testing – Types and Considerations

By: Alex Chaves – GlobalNow QA Team Lead

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automated-testingAs a QA Team Leader who helps our DevOps automation solutions, I’m often asked by various stakeholders to explain the nature and purpose of regression testing. There is much discussion these days about leaning left with continuous integration to improve system delivery throughput and quality and regression testing is a major component of these solutions. Below is a basic description of how I view the various types of regression testing and their primary purpose.   Next week, we’ll post a brief summary explaining the typical steps used to implement these regression solutions.

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Managing Burnout in a Continuous Environment

dreamstime_xs_35919178DevOps has been touted as the next big answer to all of our problems. But as with the answers that came before, there is a cost involved. Burnout rates are high and the collateral damage of perpetual integration is taking a toll on the guys in the trenches.

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Creating Value in Nearshore Arrangements

Costa-RicaI greatly enjoyed the Nearshore Nexus 2015 conference held at the Alexandria center in New York last week.   It included great insight provided by our nearshore solution provider peers and clients of nearshore oriented solutions.

It seemed one of the common themes discussed by both clients and solution providers is the emphasis on creating “value” originated outsourcing arrangements; and the occasional frustration experienced by both parties when attempting to implement this type of relationship. Often customers want more value from their outsourcing relationships, but have a difficult time relinquishing the control that comes from a typical staffing arrangement in a way that will allow the flexibility necessary for a value based arrangement. We heard several times from the client presenters, that typical SLAs are just table stakes and not enough, and if providers can’t meet the basics, they will not even be considered (or they will be replaced). In addition to the proven collaboration benefits of being nearshore, most parties said establishing and maintaining TRUST is one of key to a more successful values based engagement.

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The SPIRIT of DevOps

Global Software ServicesOver the last several weeks, as we internally have discussed the concepts and techniques of DevOps (we consider ourselves a DevOps oriented team), several of our “younger’ team members made a comment that went something like “but this is what we always do, what is different”.  And they weren’t just referring to our own internal practice, but to their previous experiences as well.   At first, I thought – “don’t you get it?”   But it quickly dawned on me that we were operating under a completely different point of reference.

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QA Automation – Words of Wisdom

Software TestingOver the last several weeks, we’ve had the good fortune of meeting with several of the leading QA automation experts in the DFW area – folks like Greg Paskal and Paul Grizzaffi.   Due to their recognized skill and experience, Both Greg and Paul are frequently invited to speak at QA industry events, on a wide variety of automation topics – from expected ROI from automation initiatives to best practice methods for implementation.

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GlobalNow IT is selected as Latin American Partner for Ranorex

GlobalNow IT Inc. selected by Ranorex as their preferred technology partner for the Latin American Market.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) January 21, 2015


GlobalNow IT Inc., a provider of custom software development and software testing services, announced today that it was selected by Ranorex as their preferred technology partner for the Latin American Market. GlobalNow will also serve as an affiliate Ranorex partner within the United States.

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Performance Testing with Jmeter – A tutorial

Performance testing is a critical requirement to help ensure web and mobile applications meet customer expectations. GlobalNow uses Jmeter as one of the tools to ensure comprehensive performance testing is properly executed – this includes Load, Stress and Endurance testing. Mauricio Navarro, one of our Senior QA Engineers from our Costa Rica location, created this great tutorial describing in detail how to use Jmeter to accomplish these important test functions. Enjoy,

Continuous Integration Paves the Way for Continuous Deployment

Software TestingTwo best practices for software testing that have gained impressive footing over the last few years are Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.


Continuous Integration is a software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently; usually each person integrates at least daily
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Investing in Automated Regression Testing is ROI Smart organization’s testing needs grow with each succeeding release of an application, adding to the amount of time and resources needed to manually test features that may have been changed or altered. That’s a large part of what makes regression testing such a natural candidate for automation.


Without it, quality assurance processes can become strained, schedules for other new projects are often impacted, and all too often, regression testing is cut back in favor of delivering new features within a project schedule. That leaves undiscovered defects caused by new code development, causing damage to existing functionality.


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Software Testing Automation Program Video


This short video describes how a software testing automation program provides significant advantages over a manual testing based operation for software testing. The video demonstrates the calculation of the time needed per cycle to execute a full set of tests across all platforms and browsers using manual techniques and contrasts that with the benefits of using automation to reduce the effort, gain better coverage and avoid other downstream organizational impacts of not identifying defects in the test process.

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