Continuous Integration Implementation


The earlier in the SDLC defects are discovered, the cheaper and easier it is to resolve them. Having an automated build/unit test/smoke regression ensures that developers are promoting software to the repository that meets the basic level of scrutiny to reduce the introduction of new defects in existing functionality.


Our continuous integration solution focuses on providing the following:

  • Common Development Environment
  • Common Software Repository
  • Software Process Automation
  • Application Build Framework
  • Unit Test Framework
  • Smoke Regression Framework
  • Notification Services


GlobalNow leverages a mix of technology tools, including open source and commercial packages to enable the software build and test to deliver a complete Continuous Integration environment. In addition, we can enable the process in a cloud based environment if necessary.


  • Improved quality, reliability and adherence to code standards
  • Reduced total cost of application maintenance and enhancements
  • Improved time to market for products and systems by minimizing bugs and rework
  • Sustained, predictable and high quality development results



CI Reference Implementation

The diagram to the right identifies several key technologies including Jenkins, Vagrant, Chef, PHPUnit, Ranorex and Selenium used in GlobalNow engagements.

Leveraging these technologies in the development process enables the ability to significantly improve development velocity and quality.


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