Infrastructure Automation Software - CHEF


GlobalNow is focused on improving the velocity of software delivery. We sought to incorporate an affordable infrastructure automation tool that provides the broadest possible platform (LINUX/ Windows/ Mac OS X) and infrastructure (Hosted/Cloud) coverage.




In addition to embedding Chef into our service offering, GlobalNow established a distributor arrangement with Chef to provide infrastructure automation technology to our clients. Additionally, we offer a POC as an introduction and first step to infrastructure automation in order to provide a valuable, ongoing quality component to the client’s infrastructure management efforts


By partnering with Chef, GlobalNow is able to offer one of the most elegant and sophisticated tools for infrastructure configuration management as well as provide the training, best practices and support services to enable our clients.




  • Automatically configure servers, databases, load balancers and more
  • Development and deployment velocity
  • Managed complexity of infrastructure and environments
  • Policy Adherence
  • Software Delivery pipline
  • High quality, repeatable deployment process



GlobalNow IT Services has partnered with Chef to enable Infrastructure Provisioning Automation through the use of their best in class Chef toolset.

Get access to Chef and get started automating your testing!

Yes, I Would Like To Get Access to Chef

A comprehensive infrastructure management tool with a simple, affordable license model

  • Hosted Chef Server
  • Cross Platform Management (LINUX, Windows, Mac OS X and more)
  • Searchable Blueprint of Your Infrastructure
  • Integration with major cloud providers  (EC2, Rackspace, Azure, Google and others)
  • Easily Manage Containers
  • and More!
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