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Great Programming Talent + Great QA Talent + Great IT Ops talent. Combined with
Proven Methods + Leading DevOps Partner Tools =
Successful Projects

Quality Assurance from Proven Approach and Skill

Our talented QA engineers ensure a high level of system and product quality using proven methods and advanced testing tools.

Software Development Services

Please go here to see how our software development team will help you reduce cost, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue opportunities.

Software Testing Services

Please go here to see how our software testing team will help you reduce cost, improve time to market and increase quality for your critical software applications.

GlobalNow is a U.S. IT Services company providing DevOps oriented software development and software testing services. Our mission is to: Enable and accelerate software delivery throughput for our clients in a high quality, cost-effective fashion. We do this through a combination of highly skilled domestic and nearshore resources (GlobalNow Costa Rica and GlobalNow Colombia company affiliates) with an innovative culture that leverages leading DevOps technology partners such as CHEF, RANOREX, RACKSPACE and others.

AT GlobalNow IT, we are proud of the work we do with the following leading technology providers in the DevOps movement:

Automation for Web Scale IT

The #1 managed cloud company

Automated Testing of Any Technology



Our focus is first and foremost to provide you with great customer service. We believe great customer service includes attributes such as timely delivery, meeting commitments, being responsive to issues, availability of resources for communication and flexibility to incorporate change. Building a trusted relationship with you based on these values is ultimately what allows both of us to be successful.
We strive to incorporate our core values into everything we do. This includes being honest throughout our processes and communication, transparency with our clients, working hard while gaining satisfaction from meeting tough challenges, respect for global diversity and individual team members, and taking seriously our client’s needs and challenges. Working with like-minded clients who share these values is when we realize our greatest potential.




“GlobalNow has consistently been a top-shelf partner. They are experts at identifying specific resource needs, with the value add of providing strategic consulting around their utilization.”
Michael Richardson, IT Director, Funimation


Innovation – by a QA team?

We often hear how innovation is now one of the key considerations to building and maintaining a successful business.   I don’t consider myself very creative, especially when it comes to designing and developing technical solutions.  So, it’s always rewarding (and impressive to me) when I see our team members innovate for their clients – taking an idea (based on need) through to developing a tangible solution, that generates actual tangible results. There is no doubt that necessity is still the mother of invention. We have two recent examples from our QA team.  Alex Chaves – our Nearshore QA manager and Senior QA Engineer, created a simple but effective application that allows our clients to get a “jump start” on automation.  We’re calling it our QA Accelerator for the time being.   Alex recognized that many Selenium QA projects require similar activities to establish the framework, which resulted in time and material cost for our clients.  Alex built the tool, and recently applied it to one of his client’s environments.   The reaction from the client CIO was – “Wow, I can’t believe we actually saw automation results so quickly! Outstanding”. As we know, that type of client feedback is worth its weight in gold. Meanwhile, one of our other Senior Automation Engineers, Daniel Guzman, was faced with designing and implementing a framework for a client using NodeJS for a Mobile automation project.   This was not only something new for Daniel, but there seemed to be a lack of examples of third party solutions to draw from.   Consequently, Daniel developed a solution that he knew would not only perform well, but be...

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