How to Select the Best Video Player Approach for Your Website

Video Player Questions

It’s to your advantage to know the right questions to ask in order to choose the right video player options for your particular needs in the development of your website or portal. There are pre-packaged options you can buy right off the shelf and there are customized options that can be used to meet your unique and specific needs.


Here are a few key questions with points to ponder before you decide.

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Things to Know About Software Testing

Software TestingSoftware testing methods and trends that reflect the thought leadership of the Q/A industry is essential to our philosophy and understanding of best practices. Here are some keepers we’d like to share.


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The Olympic Mindset: Winning. Is Your Software Development Team in the Game?

Winning TeamWith the Olympics in full swing and the best of the best competing for the gold, it draws our attention to the universality of winning. After all, everyone loves a winner. It’s something most people strive to achieve on many levels throughout a lifetime. But what does it actually take to cross the finish line first, to be number one, to break a record and set new benchmarks of excellence?


In business, as in Olympic competition, it’s a combination of finely honed skills, dedicated hours of preparation and the dogged commitment to be the best that declares the winner.


No one person or thing creates an environment of winning. That can only be achieved through collaboration and interaction. The team can achieve more than an individual and the well-defined process results in smoother interaction and increased productivity.

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