Team Management

What does it mean to be a Manager? The first answer that comes to my mind is to make things happen with the best possible results and the least possible problems. That’s the easiest way for me to answer every time someone outside the Software Development industry asks me about what I do.


Okay, but how do you achieve that? As an IT Project Manager, you need to identify and apply the best techniques, processes and tools for organizing and coordinating a group of individuals working towards a common goal or task. First of all, keep in mind that these items are not simply fixed lists that you find through a Google search; just combining them will not always work as expected under different scenarios.

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Calculadora del retorno de la inversión de la automatización de pruebas de software

Automatización de pruebas de software es una práctica que tiene absoluto sentido teórico para todos los ejecutivos de nivel C, porque contempla las tres piezas de armonía de alto nivel de calidad, en un ciclo reducido de tiempo, con un costo bajo, música para los oídos de cualquier ejecutivo sin importar su género favorito. Como cualquier otra iniciativa, es fácil decir que la automatización de pruebas teórica se puede poner en práctica, lo difícil es predecir el tamaño y el tiempo del retorno de la inversión, lo cual es necesario saber ANTES de tomar la decisión.


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Software Testing Automation ROI Calculator

 ROI ButtonSoftware Testing Automation is a practice that makes absolute theoretical sense to all C-level executives because it hits the perfect three-part harmony of higher quality in reduced cycle time for decreased cost, music to any C-level’s ears, regardless of her/his favorite genre! Like any initiative, putting Software Testing Automation theory into practice is easier said than done and the difficult thing to predict is the size and timing of the ROI, which you really need to know BEFORE you take the plunge.

There are a bunch of CAPEX and OPEX items to consider and balance against the age old manual testing effort including.

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Omni-channel and Responsive Design Drive Engagement

omni-channelOmni-channel, the buzzword that has overtaken multi-channel, is the concept of integrated touch points that together create an uninterrupted, immersive experience that is channel and device agnostic.


Omini-channel drives engagement, purchase and loyalty. That’s because the cross platform approach integrates customer experience regardless of which channel or device your customer is using. The customer-centric benefits of omni-channel are best experienced using responsive design. ­It creates the optimal viewing experience across multiple devices providing easy navigation with minimal changes. It’s, flexible, adaptable and the best way to test, learn and iterate often.

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