Implementation of Regression Automation – Considerations

by Alex Chaves – GlobalNow QA Team Lead
CI Environment 2This is a follow on to my previous discussion on Regression Testing – Types and Considerations.

A critical first step for any automation initiative is to create test cases, ideally using a test management system. Those test cases should be organized by system function in a fashion that will allow users to test specific areas of the application as needed.  There are many test management tools, both open source and commercial,
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GlobalNow IT is Latin American Technology Partner for Ranorex

GlobalNow IT Inc. selected by Ranorex as their preferred technology partner for the Latin American Market.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) January 21, 2015

GlobalNow IT Inc., a provider of custom software development and software testing services, announced today that it was selected by Ranorex as their preferred technology partner for the Latin American Market. GlobalNow will also serve as an affiliate Ranorex partner within the United States.

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Regression Testing – Types and Considerations

By: Alex Chaves – GlobalNow QA Team Lead

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automated-testingAs a QA Team Leader who helps our DevOps automation solutions, I’m often asked by various stakeholders to explain the nature and purpose of regression testing. There is much discussion these days about leaning left with continuous integration to improve system delivery throughput and quality and regression testing is a major component of these solutions. Below is a basic description of how I view the various types of regression testing and their primary purpose.   Next week, we’ll post a brief summary explaining the typical steps used to implement these regression solutions.

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Managing Burnout in a Continuous Environment

dreamstime_xs_35919178DevOps has been touted as the next big answer to all of our problems. But as with the answers that came before, there is a cost involved. Burnout rates are high and the collateral damage of perpetual integration is taking a toll on the guys in the trenches.

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