Careers in Software QA – Observations from Costa Rican University QA workshop

Mauricio Teaching IMG_20150716_100339By: Mauricio Navarro – GlobalNow Senior QA Engineer

I recently had the opportunity to present a QA session to students and faculty at the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica.  My primary topic was “practicing software QA in the real world”, with the idea to explain the basic approach of QA, and what it really means to business outcomes.  Many of the students are computer engineering majors, and some now see QA as a possible career path or end game position.  So my intent was to provide some “real world” experiences based on what we do at GlobalNow as part of our DevOps practice.
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Continuous Integration with Jenkins

by Rodolfo Cordero – GlobalNow DevOps Engineer

CI Environment 2With some agile methodologies it is common to see weekly or even more frequent deployments, with new release having amazing features or functionality important to the business. Of course it’s a priority to test the new functionality, but it is also common to neglect the adequate testing of existing functionality and less important new features. Unfortunately, this can be damaging since to find issues related to broken/bad code at the end of a sprint or worse, in production, is very costly.

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Why is Manual testing still Alive?

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????By Mauricio Navarro – GlobalNow Senior QA Engineer

Manual testing is alive and well. Even though our industry is going strong into the land of automated testing, the truth of the matter is that manual software testing is still necessary and very much being used by many QA engineers.

Why is this?

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