GlobalNow DevOps HH – Paul Grizzaffi presents “Sail or Fail” with Automation

PG DevOps HH 20AUG15By: Lee Carter – Director of Business Development – GlobalNow IT

Last night, we hosted a DevOps Happy Hour at a restaurant in the Plano area just north of Dallas. It was the first in a series of invite-only Happy Hours that we’ll be hosting in order to shine a light on new developments in the DevOps arena.

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DevOps Readiness – Is my organization ready to implement DevOps?

CI Environment 2

By: Jim Leichtenschlag – Practice Leader – GlobalNow IT

There’s little doubt that if you are part of an organization that delivers software, you are aware of the DevOps movement, which is all about increasing the velocity and frequency of software delivery to production with the highest level of quality.   If you think that following Agile Methodology means you are doing DevOps because you are building software fast, think again. Building software fast is one thing, delivering it to production is where DevOps comes in, and its quite another problem to solve. The question any IT leader should be asking is: Is my organization capable and ready to embrace DevOps?

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