Using Geb/Groovy as Open Source Alternative to Stand-alone Selenium for Test Automation

Configuration of Geb automation environment using Spock, Groovy and IntelliJ for Dummies
By Alex Chaves – GlobalNow IT QA Manager


Selenium by far is one of most widely used tools to automate regression testing and other functional testing requirements; due to its perceived cost (it is open source) and inherent flexibility. To deploy an effective Selenium automation project, an intermediate or higher level of programming skill for a language such as JAVA is required to build and maintain the project over time.

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Remote Work Teams – Tools of the Trade

Philosophy PictureI’ve seen an uptick on articles promoting the benefits of remote work over the last week, including this good one from Mike Elgan / CIO Insights.

The acceptance and use of remote workers is becoming more common throughout many industries, especially IT.   Meanwhile, IT Trends such as Agile and DevOps makes the need for successful collaboration even more important. These methods require even MORE effective teamwork, not less.  Since our company is in the business of providing both U.S. and Nearshore IT resources, we are accustomed to seeing the requirements, tools and impacts from remote team collaboration.

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