Client Testimonials: GlobalNow On-Demand Talent Services

GlobalNow provides “On-Demand” IT talent from within the U.S. and around the world. We respond rapidly to client needs with high quality and affordable talent.

Check out these recent examples:

Roger Hess from Intelligent Sense

Our client needed a highly skilled QA lead, GlobalNow provided Richard from US/Mexico within 24 hours, now working on a long time project as an integral part of the team.

Alan from Axis Software


One of our clients lost a critical DBA, and asked us to help fill as quickly as possible. GlobalNow provided a senior DBA Noel from Bolivia within 48 hours, who spent two months addressing ongoing database requirements with a high level of productivity. Thank you Noel!

Shawn from PointClear Solutions


As one of our strategic providers, GlobalNow provides talent for both our short term and long term needs – allowing us to staff as needs ebb and flow. For example, we needed a part time BA ASAP for a client project, Connie from the U.S. began within a week. Good work Connie!

Michael from Solutia Consulting


We needed a proven architect that could help us design and deliver a complex AI solution for a client – GlobalNow provided Roygar From Uruguay within one week, a systems engineer that helped us design and build a fantastic solution for our client. Good job Roygar!

Diego from Oktara in Costa Rica


We needed a senior mobile developer and a .NET developer for an urgent requirement. GlobalNow provided Andres from Colombia within 3 business days, and Camilo from Colombia within eight hours to help resolve critical issues for our client. Thank you guys!

Parimal from Stratecha


Our client needed both a PHP developer and a software QA professional to support their team. GlobalNow quickly provided both Marny and Alonso from Costa Rica who travelled to U.S., integrated with the client’s team, and delivered on a daily basis while receiving glowing compliments from our client. Way to go guys!

Need quality talent, please contact us at or 469 730 2714 in the U.S.

Blended Team Success – What’s the secret?

I’ve been fortunate to be able to work closely with people from a variety of countries, industries, and cultures—helping build and manage technology-oriented teams. At times it has been challenging, but for the most part it has been very rewarding; quite frankly it’s my favorite part of my job.

It seems many companies (large and small) have learned quite a bit over the last several years on how to create and manage productive teams. In the technology world, most companies now use a combination of internal engineers, freelancers, and subcontractors to build their delivery and support teams. Often these teams are a combination of local and remote talent.

So, what is the secret for creating successful blended teams?

Below are five of the most important techniques used by our clients that I have observed over the years which I believe have contributed greatly to their success:

Blur the lines between employee and non-employee. Obviously for career development and contractual purposes, employees should be treated differently than contractors. But for everyday team engagement, foster a culture of inclusion, parity, and respect. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it encourages enthusiasm and personal ownership of project activities.

Know the individuals and their interests. It means talking to individuals about their life and issues (to the degree that they are comfortable). It takes time, but it encourages engagement by allowing team members to know they are not “just” a resource, but a person appreciated for their unique talents and interests.

Create an “idea” culture by encouraging and appreciating idea generation from all parties. There are a bunch of smart people out there with very helpful ideas. Set an expectation that idea generation is a normal part of team activities, which will help with productivity and individual fulfillment.

Be practical and transparent by reminding people when necessary that it’s not all “Kum ba yah.” We all need to be reminded sometimes that a business must make money to be sustainable. Sometimes this means hard decisions need to made, but be clear and as transparent as possible on expectations—share state of affairs, good and bad—which in turn builds team trust.

Encourage direct connection among team members to share ideas and interests. This is like the first technique, but it can solidify the foundation of a team, and it’s a real opportunity for people to make global friends—sometimes for life.

The above are just some of my observations and my hope is to continue to learn from clients and partners.

Bob Foster – GlobalNow IT


Rest API testing using behave in Python

by: Jason Campos – Senior QA Engineer – GlobalNow IT

API testing is an important component in a company’s QA strategy since their client’s often consume the API endpoints to get the necessary information for execution of the business. In most cases, manual testing is initially performed at the most important endpoints to ensure the customers retrieve the information needed; followed by automation of the test scripts for daily execution using Continuous integration.

I recently implemented test automation for a client’s REST API; using Python + behave as the primary framework, and I would like to share my experience and techniques used for this automation project.

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