Things to Know About Software Testing

Software TestingSoftware testing methods and trends that reflect the thought leadership of the Q/A industry is essential to our philosophy and understanding of best practices. Here are some keepers we’d like to share.


Year 2014 will be a big year for software testing services.

Because software testing is central in the development life cycle, focus is on the need for career testers with strong skills. Read more …


Will agile development steal the day from traditional testing?

It’s typical for testers to try to find as many bugs as possible – but only after the developers have written the code. Isn’t there a less costly approach? Read more …


User Acceptance Testing (UAT) needs thorough training to avoid potential disasters.

The importance of UAT goes far beyond a few experts having a ‘go’ to see if they can break it. It’s a well-defined process that requires preparation. Read more …


Why IT leaders believe testing is the clincher for success or failure.

Heightened focus on software testing is expected from IT organizations in 2014, with more testing taking place earlier in the life cycle. Read more …


Why software testing is not a necessary evil, but rather a prime opportunity.

Software testers may be the most underappreciated people in the industry, yet those who are exceptional at it, simply press on. Read more …


Stepping into the user’s shoes – User Acceptance Testing.

The whole idea of software is to give the user tangible results, right? Once software undergoes unit, integration and system testing, then it goes to user acceptance testing. Some say UAT is overkill, but is it? Read more …

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    • globalnow
      globalnow says:

      Great question. From what we’ve seen, this is one of the greatest quality assurance challenges in the age of content delivered through multiple media, devices, operating systems and browsers. Ideally, the full suite of hardware and software should be tested for each change, but without good tools and a consistent process – this testing can be costly, time consuming, and confusing. In addition, since multiple platforms rely on a greater level of integration and dependencies, a thorough “cross environment” regression test that considers impacts from the change should be conducted across all environments, as an Insurance policy to ensure nothing was broken by the changes. We have been able to develop and incorporate automated testing tools to help meet this requirement; which is coupled with rigorous test methods.


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