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An Internal Test Grid Solution vs. Third Party Cloud Services

Like many software testing service companies, we often subscribe to several of the leading cloud based infrastructure test automation services to meet our clients specific multiplatform/multi device regression testing requirements.  These solutions provide us with the ability to perform software testing using various scenarios and platforms while eliminating the investment in buying and maintaining actual […]

Innovation – by a QA team?

We often hear how innovation is now one of the key considerations to building and maintaining a successful business.   I don’t consider myself very creative, especially when it comes to designing and developing technical solutions.  So, it’s always rewarding (and impressive to me) when I see our team members innovate for their clients – taking […]

Using NodeJS with WebdriverIO as a test framework for automation

By: Daniel Guzman – GlobalNow Senior QA Automation Engineer Whether you are a developer or the architect responsible for deciding the stack of tools and languages to build your functional test framework, the following may motivate you to write your UI automated framework in NodeJS with WebdriverIO – by outlining the benefits of using a […]

Succeeding with Software Regression Testing – Top 4 Considerations

As a provider of Software Development and QA services, we’re often asked: What is the best way to implement a high performance regression test solution?  We receive this question from clients who’ve asked us to improve their level of quality and also from associates that prefer to implement regression using internal resources.  So, I asked […]

Using Geb/Groovy as Open Source Alternative to Stand-alone Selenium for Test Automation

Configuration of Geb automation environment using Spock, Groovy and IntelliJ for Dummies By Alex Chaves – GlobalNow IT QA Manager Introduction: Selenium by far is one of most widely used tools to automate regression testing and other functional testing requirements; due to its perceived cost (it is open source) and inherent flexibility. To deploy an […]