Client Testimonials: GlobalNow On-Demand Talent Services

GlobalNow provides “On-Demand” IT talent from within the U.S. and around the world. We respond rapidly to client needs with high quality and affordable talent.

Check out these recent examples:

Roger Hess from Intelligent Sense

Our client needed a highly skilled QA lead, GlobalNow provided Richard from US/Mexico within 24 hours, now working on a long time project as an integral part of the team.

Alan from Axis Software


One of our clients lost a critical DBA, and asked us to help fill as quickly as possible. GlobalNow provided a senior DBA Noel from Bolivia within 48 hours, who spent two months addressing ongoing database requirements with a high level of productivity. Thank you Noel!

Shawn from PointClear Solutions


As one of our strategic providers, GlobalNow provides talent for both our short term and long term needs – allowing us to staff as needs ebb and flow. For example, we needed a part time BA ASAP for a client project, Connie from the U.S. began within a week. Good work Connie!

Michael from Solutia Consulting


We needed a proven architect that could help us design and deliver a complex AI solution for a client – GlobalNow provided Roygar From Uruguay within one week, a systems engineer that helped us design and build a fantastic solution for our client. Good job Roygar!

Diego from Oktara in Costa Rica


We needed a senior mobile developer and a .NET developer for an urgent requirement. GlobalNow provided Andres from Colombia within 3 business days, and Camilo from Colombia within eight hours to help resolve critical issues for our client. Thank you guys!

Parimal from Stratecha


Our client needed both a PHP developer and a software QA professional to support their team. GlobalNow quickly provided both Marny and Alonso from Costa Rica who travelled to U.S., integrated with the client’s team, and delivered on a daily basis while receiving glowing compliments from our client. Way to go guys!

Need quality talent, please contact us at or 469 730 2714 in the U.S.

Rest API testing using behave in Python

by: Jason Campos – Senior QA Engineer – GlobalNow IT

API testing is an important component in a company’s QA strategy since their client’s often consume the API endpoints to get the necessary information for execution of the business. In most cases, manual testing is initially performed at the most important endpoints to ensure the customers retrieve the information needed; followed by automation of the test scripts for daily execution using Continuous integration.

I recently implemented test automation for a client’s REST API; using Python + behave as the primary framework, and I would like to share my experience and techniques used for this automation project.

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Why and How we used Docker for our QA automation project

In my previous blog, I talked about the first phase of a successful QA automation project built on a Docker environment. Now, I would like to describe the advantages we realized by using Docker, and some of the techniques we used to implement.

Typically, when we begin a new automation project, we spend significant time configuring our environment and fixing associated issues as they surface. With Docker technology, we just need to build a file that configures an environment that normally works “issue free” – avoiding the time spent in configuration and problem solving.

Docker is an open source software that allows us to package applications in a container, Containers are like a VM. However, they have a very important difference –  a container can share the system kernel with others, which means we can run multiple containers (with their own user space) simultaneously run on a single host machine.

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My QA Automation Project – Key Steps to Success

I recently finished the first phase of a successful QA automation project built on a Docker environment.  Below are some of the key steps we took as part of the project:

Setting expectations and choosing the framework:

My first step was to help educate the client on what could be accomplished for their project with automation, which was important to ensure they were aware of both the benefits and limitations of an automation initiative. Once we had a good understanding of the project scope and underlying development technologies (knowing we will need to further integrate the code with the Automation framework in the future), I provided a recommendation for the QA languages and framework. We decided to use Selenium Webdriver, Java, Maven to manage the libraries, TestNG and AWS (docker containers) to run the tests scripts in a Linux with headless browsers.

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Costa Rica Meetup – Ranorex for Automation

Alex, our QA manager in San Jose, was asked recently to present Ranorex QA automation features to the local QA meetup.  As usual, Alex did a great job, speaking to Ranorex’ ability to automate both web and mobile projects. 

Below is the presentation in Spanish, please feel free to contact us if you would like an English version.

Alex Meet up Presentation – Testing automatizado de interfaz gráfica con Ranorex – 3-5-18



An Internal Test Grid Solution vs. Third Party Cloud Services

Like many software testing service companies, we often subscribe to several of the leading cloud based infrastructure test automation services to meet our clients specific multiplatform/multi device regression testing requirements.  These solutions provide us with the ability to perform software testing using various scenarios and platforms while eliminating the investment in buying and maintaining actual equipment.

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Accelerating Software QA Automation ROI with Templates

It’s been a while since I started working in QA Automation.  I began  in 2007 and since that time I have been part of a variety of teams, with different methodologies and objectives that included some type of an automation initiative.  Of course they were all striving for more stable code and a more effective way to find and fix bugs – but they had something else in common: they all wanted to have the automation framework deployed as soon as possible.

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Innovation – by a QA team?

We often hear how innovation is now one of the key considerations to building and maintaining a successful business.   I don’t consider myself very creative, especially when it comes to designing and developing technical solutions.  So, it’s always rewarding (and impressive to me) when I see our team members innovate for their clients – taking an idea (based on need) through to developing a tangible solution, that generates actual tangible results. There is no doubt that necessity is still the mother of invention.

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WebdriverIO and Sauce Labs for Mobile Ecosystem

By: Daniel Guzman – GlobalNow Senior QA Automation Engineer

I previously shared my experience of integrating WebdriverIO and Sauce Labs for a new NodeJS web test framework. I’ve now implemented the same framework for the mobile portion of the project, and as promised in my last blog, below is a brief summary of my findings and experience:

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Using NodeJS with WebdriverIO as a test framework for automation

By: Daniel Guzman – GlobalNow Senior QA Automation Engineer

Whether you are a developer or the architect responsible for deciding the stack of tools and languages to build your functional test framework, the following may motivate you to write your UI automated framework in NodeJS with WebdriverIO – by outlining the benefits of using a full stack approach.

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