GlobalNow expands Colombian operations to Medellin Ruta N through CIS alliance

GlobalNow announced earlier today that it recently expanded its GlobalNow Colombian business operations to RUTA N’s Medellin location.  

Per Bob Foster, President of GlobalNow Colombia S.A.  “Through our alliance with Custom Information Services (CIS), we have a unique opportunity to create an outstanding team of technical engineers and help desk professionals. Custom Information Services is a well established brand with a reputation for providing high quality MSP services in the United States. Together we saw the need to grow the CIS MSP support team with experienced engineering talent, and expanding our operations in Colombia to address this need was an obvious approach. The services and location of Ruta N is ideal for our launch and continued growth to meet the high demand for CIS services.  We’ve hired our first engineers, and we are looking forward to growing the team”.

​Per Ruta N the landing of technology-based companies like GlobalNow marks the evolution towards making Medellín a hub in IT talent in service to the Americas. It requires a double strategy in which we help organizations in need of new markets to find a place in our city and work with them in order to find the best specialized local talent.

For the ACI Medellín, the city is experiencing one of the most important moments in its history with the transformation of its productive vocation towards technology. For this reason, we are committed to ensuring that companies like GlobalNow not only arrive and establish themselves, but that they can grow in their capacities every day, bringing more social and economic development to the territory. In Medellín, the articulated effort between the public, private and academic sectors, works, and for this reason GlobalNow can be sure that we will do everything possible so that their needs always have a solution in the most appropriate way.

“We celebrate that GlobalNow is expanding in Colombia and are confident that our country has the human talent and advantages to strengthen the growth of IT services-based companies. This great news positions Medellín as a digital and creative investment destination. This is the kind of investment that contributes to our talent development and the economic reactivation of our country,” said Flavia Santoro, President of ProColombia.

Per Tim Riddle, President of Custom Information Services, “CIS is excited about this opportunity and have been impressed with the quality of engineering talent that our alliance provides.  The combination of the available talent coupled with the CIS training methodology and culture of continuous improvement is allowing is to expand our great team of affordable talent.”

About GlobalNow

GlobalNow is a provider of  worldwide IT services and talent , with emphasis on a Nearshore model, with subsidiaries in Colombia and Costa Rica.

About Custom Information Services:

Custom Information Services is a provider of systems integration and IT managed services – serving a broad client base in the United States.

About Ruta N

This institution develops programs and services to facilitate the economic development of the city towards  science, technology and innovation through inclusive and sustainable Businesses. In this way they seek a joint and energized ecosystem of innovation for Medellin, with emphasis on four key ingredients: the talent training, access to capital, the generation of the necessary infrastructure and the development of innovative business. Its main purpose is aimed to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the city through innovation.   

About ACI Medellín

The Agency for Cooperation and Investment of Medellín and the Metropolitan Area – ACI Medellín, is an association of public entities that works to develop the territory by creating strategic international relations. This allows the city and the region to access international cooperation resources and the arrival of local and international investments.

About ProColombia

The promotion of exports of non-mining energy goods and services in markets with potential, the expansion of Colombian companies, the attraction of foreign direct investment to Colombia, the positioning of the country as a tourist destination for vacations and meetings and Colombia Country Brand, are the main axes on which ProColombia focuses it’s work.

Blended Team Success – What’s the secret?

I’ve been fortunate to be able to work closely with people from a variety of countries, industries, and cultures—helping build and manage technology-oriented teams. At times it has been challenging, but for the most part it has been very rewarding; quite frankly it’s my favorite part of my job.

It seems many companies (large and small) have learned quite a bit over the last several years on how to create and manage productive teams. In the technology world, most companies now use a combination of internal engineers, freelancers, and subcontractors to build their delivery and support teams. Often these teams are a combination of local and remote talent.

So, what is the secret for creating successful blended teams?

Below are five of the most important techniques used by our clients that I have observed over the years which I believe have contributed greatly to their success:

Blur the lines between employee and non-employee. Obviously for career development and contractual purposes, employees should be treated differently than contractors. But for everyday team engagement, foster a culture of inclusion, parity, and respect. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it encourages enthusiasm and personal ownership of project activities.

Know the individuals and their interests. It means talking to individuals about their life and issues (to the degree that they are comfortable). It takes time, but it encourages engagement by allowing team members to know they are not “just” a resource, but a person appreciated for their unique talents and interests.

Create an “idea” culture by encouraging and appreciating idea generation from all parties. There are a bunch of smart people out there with very helpful ideas. Set an expectation that idea generation is a normal part of team activities, which will help with productivity and individual fulfillment.

Be practical and transparent by reminding people when necessary that it’s not all “Kum ba yah.” We all need to be reminded sometimes that a business must make money to be sustainable. Sometimes this means hard decisions need to made, but be clear and as transparent as possible on expectations—share state of affairs, good and bad—which in turn builds team trust.

Encourage direct connection among team members to share ideas and interests. This is like the first technique, but it can solidify the foundation of a team, and it’s a real opportunity for people to make global friends—sometimes for life.

The above are just some of my observations and my hope is to continue to learn from clients and partners.

Bob Foster – GlobalNow IT



DevOps Session October 2015Last week, GlobalNow hosted the second installment of our DevOps Happy Hours at Gordon Biersch in Dallas. Mike Rosado, a twenty-plus year Microsoft alum, gave an excellent presentation that captured the true essence of DevOps and demystified some of the concepts key to the movement. You can find his slide deck here.

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Creating Value in Nearshore Arrangements

Costa-RicaI greatly enjoyed the Nearshore Nexus 2015 conference held at the Alexandria center in New York last week.   It included great insight provided by our nearshore solution provider peers and clients of nearshore oriented solutions.

It seemed one of the common themes discussed by both clients and solution providers is the emphasis on creating “value” originated outsourcing arrangements; and the occasional frustration experienced by both parties when attempting to implement this type of relationship. Often customers want more value from their outsourcing relationships, but have a difficult time relinquishing the control that comes from a typical staffing arrangement in a way that will allow the flexibility necessary for a value based arrangement. We heard several times from the client presenters, that typical SLAs are just table stakes and not enough, and if providers can’t meet the basics, they will not even be considered (or they will be replaced). In addition to the proven collaboration benefits of being nearshore, most parties said establishing and maintaining TRUST is one of key to a more successful values based engagement.

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