Digital Convergence: Are We There Yet?

ProjectTraditional marketing continues to be transformed and converge with digital marketing, presenting the challenge for brands of how to effectively capture, measure, integrate and deliver on their promises. Digital convergence fuses telecom IT, media, electronics, services and more into the way we communicate, market, sell and otherwise exchange products, services and ideas. It isn’t new, but it is still evolving and drives questions about what’s next.


For instance, have you transformed your customer initiatives into integrated, customer-centric actions? If not, you need to get started. The demands and expectation of multi-channel consumers insist upon it. Your customers are using multiple channels and marketing technology every hour of every day in business and personal communications.


It’s incumbent upon marketers of every industry to evolve in such a way that they are successfully connecting with their customers not just their customers’ devices. Customer experience is priority one in the multi-platform world of digital convergence with the challenge looming of what the next ‘big thing’ will be.


Opportunities for revenue generation are plentiful within the multiple media channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus+ to name the top five, not to mention the new, emerging ones. Just remember this: Engage your customers. Sales will follow.


Your customers face more choices than ever before in terms of where, how and from whom they consume content. They are likely to be influenced by content choice, price, platform/device features and postings from peer/interest groups, friends and intelligent recommendation and search facilities. Are you prepared to effectively engage them and win new business?


Besides just looking good, your customers expect flawless functionality across all devices and platforms. Implementing workforce efficiencies with managed teams of experts will leverage the delivery of relevant content and create a more impactful user experience. This requires that you and your team of experts stay on track with the latest design standards, toolsets and analytics to create sustainable, engaging digital experiences.


Bottom line: reaching your customers and winning new ones in the flux of ‘digital everything’ is more strategically demanding than it was even 10 years ago. Your competition is stiffer. Your customers are smarter. Your prospects are globally diverse. What your business must deliver, by way of the enviable value proposition that sets your business apart, is not only the latest and greatest technology, but complete satisfaction from thousands of savvy potential customers who know all too well that they have options.