Engage and Entertain with GlobalNow and Chromecast

ChromecastInfographicIt’s what consumers want: to be engaged and entertained and it has changed the face of cross-platform development and delivery. At the forefront is Google’s Chromecast, a thumb-size device that you plug into an HDMI port on your television. It enables you to stream entertainment – YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and more – through the Internet from your mobile devices.


If your company creates media content – from movies to video games to retail websites – you understand the challenge of keeping up with the different platforms and devices being used by your customers. We have solutions to your challenges.


GlobalNow is a proven resource with experts in software development and testing cross-platform media products. You can be assured your customers get the same high quality delivery across all devices, including Chromecast.


Give your customers what they want — engagement and entertainment.