The GlobalNow Resource Network is the revolutionary answer to the growing shortage from the increasing demand for high quality Information Technology talent.  Because of this and the trend towards a global gig/freelance economy, the recruiting and staffing market has seen new match making companies surface which attempt to address this demand. Although these are good solutions for matching freelancers to (client’s) needs, there isn’t a comprehensive, streamlined solution that addresses the following critical requirements:

    • Ability to supply high quality talent as needed on a short term and long term basis
    • Ability to manage resources in a fashion that ensures successful project delivery
    • Ability to efficiently cross borders (culture and geographic) when appropriate

GlobalNow is powerfully different. We solve this problem through a combination of three distinct factors – our unique resource network, proprietary cloud based talent sourcing and management platform, and a seasoned IT and Resource management environment.

The GlobalNow Resource Network is comprised of the best combination of employees (from strategically located foreign subsidiaries and U.S. locations), vetted/qualified freelancers, and trusted sub partners from around the world.  Subsidiaries are GlobalNow IT (US), GlobalNow Costa Rica, and GlobalNow Colombia  The GlobalNow management environment includes experienced managers coupled with best practice management and operating techniques

The GlobalNow talent sourcing/management platform – is the VERSO ® resource management platform, which creates a seamless workflow with supporting business intelligence capability, allowing an integrated approach throughout the resource delivery chain – from client to GlobalNow, and within GlobalNow to employees, freelancers and partners; resulting in improved speed and quality  through a truly global reach.