HTML5 Website Resources

GlobalNow HTML5By partnering with a few progressive clients we have been able to grow our advanced web development practice to include a team of creative designers and programmers with rich experience in HTML5, CSS3, and responsive design. Our methodologies have evolved as well, with a collection of talented project managers and web architects implementing an agile approach that helps ensure milestone delivery.


Recently, I’ve had several friends and associates ask me when its best to use freelancers vs. a software development shop or agency. As usual, the answer depends on a number of factors.


If the project is relatively small, such as a small business promotional site, then a good freelancer may be the best bet. A talented and knowledgeable freelancer should be able to work with a single client contact for requirements (such as a designer), adjust rapidly to changes, and implement a solution fairly quickly. Depending on the scope however, it is important that the freelancer has all of the required experience – not only HTML5 but CSS3, and possibly responsive design.


Using an expanded HTML5 Website development team however, is often better if any or some of the following are present:

  • Large scale projects – involving complex web architecture, high volume of pages, video player customization or integration, with milestone management.
  • Because of the above, the need to use multiple resources, with a fluid capacity requirement, requiring more sophisticated project management presence and techniques.
  • Advanced graphic design and user navigation requirements. This is a unique skill set, normally not provided by freelancers.
  • A need for team management and collaboration skills and tool expertise – such as github.
  • Enhanced performance levels for video and page rendering/speed. Requires integration and performance tuning expertise.


For many small businesses, freelancers can play a valuable role in the delivery of a great web experience. However, for the larger and more complicated projects, having a team of HTML5 website experts – from design through delivery – is critical to success.