Seamless Customer Service

It strikes me that providing seamless customer service is a great competitive advantage.


We have all experienced frustrating customer service; as we’ve attempted to have some issue resolved, encountering fragmented service departments, lack of visibility to our issues, countless hand-offs, and just bad information (don’t even ask me about my banking experiences!) Seems like this approach became prevalent, as enterprises attempted to gain efficiencies through silo creation, outsourcing and acquisitions.


However, I think this trend may be shifting. More and more companies are recognizing the importance of great customer service, which promotes:

  • Ongoing contract renewals
  • New product purchases
  • Brand and reputation enhancement
  • Lower cost due to less rework
  • Internal satisfaction from a job well done
  • New customers from existing referrals
  • And much more

Great people, process, and management techniques help address the above. And so do great systems. I believe GlobalNow has made a point of implementing a seamless service philosophy in our reverse logistics portal (Verso). This includes allowing out clients to engage their own customers through a single gateway for the most common service functions of returns /RMA processing, spare parts ordering and trouble reporting. With focus on flexible workflow, alert mechanisms and end to end visibility.


Over time, I hope our clients will see the tangible returns listed above from providing an excellent customer experience. And I look forward to learning more about how we can even make our solution even better – with the mission to create a truly memorable positive experience for each subscriber that uses the system.