How to Select the Best Video Player Approach for Your Website

Video Player Questions

It’s to your advantage to know the right questions to ask in order to choose the right video player options for your particular needs in the development of your website or portal. There are pre-packaged options you can buy right off the shelf and there are customized options that can be used to meet your unique and specific needs.


Here are a few key questions with points to ponder before you decide.

  • Will your site be a “stand alone” property or will it support another business operation?
  • Do you require complete control over your software in order to meet business needs?
  • Do you mind being dependent on other parties for adjustments, additions or upgrades?
  • At what level do you need to track analytics and user performance?
  • What is the cost difference in off the shelf and custom?


If you can answer these questions and others that might easily come to mind as you zero in on a decision, you will adding value to the decision of selecting the best video player option for your project.


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