A CEO’s Thoughts on Client Solutions

GlobalNow Client SolutionsI had a nice conversation this morning with Mike, an associate of mine that’s in the logistics industry. We were both talking about our good fortune to be in businesses that make tangible improvements for our clients. Mike works for a large parts fulfillment provider, and often sees his company’s solution help his client

increase revenue by delivering spare parts on a very timely basis. For me, being in the IT business, I’m fortunate to see client solutions from both our offerings – software development and fixed asset management services.

Most recently our HTML5 and video player development team has delivered outstanding results to an entertainment client, which will allow them to grow revenue through additional subscriptions and advertising revenue. In addition, our global team of field techs are conducting a large inventory project, helping the client validate billings, tax treatment and make quality investment decisions; while using our affordable feet on the street field tech resources from around the globe.

Accomplishing the above requires the use of effective technology and sound operating methods. However, I realize the key contributing factor to successful client solutions is the quality and commitment from our extended teammates. Without their strong work ethic and talent, our clients would never realize the type of tangible benefits described above. I look forward to working with such a talented group of people as we continue to grow our business.