Creating customized HTML5 Video Players

Our programming team has been working on a sizable web development project for a major entertainment company. Much of the project is focused on the development of their highly interactive web site; including the creation of custom HTML5 video players using responsive design.

Since this client’s core web business is providing streaming and down-loadable video content, It is imperative that their web and video experience is high performing and ubiquitous across multiple browsers and user devices, including mobile, tablets and IPTV.

Consequently, the use and proper deployment of HTML5 attributes has been a key to the success that we have seen to date. Like most web design and software companies, we have learned through experience over the life of this project how to effectively apply HTML5, especially as we have learned the nuisances of building HTML5 video players.

I’m proud of our team’s performance, and feel we have built a group of skilled resources with practical experience in these key areas; and I’m confident we will continue to help other clients create a rich and compelling customer experience.

Our team lead Rodrigo created an insight paper that we wanted to share with others (use the download box below) on HTML5 development, video player development specifics, and other comment attributes for HTML5 development; and please feel free to comment with your own insights or questions.