Client Testimonials: GlobalNow On-Demand Talent Services

GlobalNow provides “On-Demand” IT talent from within the U.S. and around the world. We respond rapidly to client needs with high quality and affordable talent.

Check out these recent examples:

Roger Hess from Intelligent Sense

Our client needed a highly skilled QA lead, GlobalNow provided Richard from US/Mexico within 24 hours, now working on a long time project as an integral part of the team.

Alan from Axis Software


One of our clients lost a critical DBA, and asked us to help fill as quickly as possible. GlobalNow provided a senior DBA Noel from Bolivia within 48 hours, who spent two months addressing ongoing database requirements with a high level of productivity. Thank you Noel!

Shawn from PointClear Solutions


As one of our strategic providers, GlobalNow provides talent for both our short term and long term needs – allowing us to staff as needs ebb and flow. For example, we needed a part time BA ASAP for a client project, Connie from the U.S. began within a week. Good work Connie!

Michael from Solutia Consulting


We needed a proven architect that could help us design and deliver a complex AI solution for a client – GlobalNow provided Roygar From Uruguay within one week, a systems engineer that helped us design and build a fantastic solution for our client. Good job Roygar!

Diego from Oktara in Costa Rica


We needed a senior mobile developer and a .NET developer for an urgent requirement. GlobalNow provided Andres from Colombia within 3 business days, and Camilo from Colombia within eight hours to help resolve critical issues for our client. Thank you guys!

Parimal from Stratecha


Our client needed both a PHP developer and a software QA professional to support their team. GlobalNow quickly provided both Marny and Alonso from Costa Rica who travelled to U.S., integrated with the client’s team, and delivered on a daily basis while receiving glowing compliments from our client. Way to go guys!

Need quality talent, please contact us at or 469 730 2714 in the U.S.