Riding the SaaS Wave – Exploring Software as a Service Options

By Bob FosterThe Wave of Software as a Service

Innovation from SaaS offerings is not only obvious from newer companies such as Salesforce.com, Netsuite, SalesFusion, Jesubi and others. It’s interesting to me to see the approach the large traditional ERP companies are taking to leveraging the cloud and Software as a Service to further grow their revenues and penetrate new markets. Oracle, SAP and others have spent a significant amount to “build out” their SaaS portfolio; with their integration partners now realizing benefits by building a quality practice around these services.


I think a successful example of the above is one of our strategic partners – Synaptyk Software. Synaptyk has built a thriving practice through traditional SAP integration services; and is now seizing the opportunity to resell and support the SAP Business by Design solution – helping customers and driving revenue from cloud benefits. To me, this is an example of an ideal combination of a comprehensive SaaS suite (SAP); with a company that has a reputation for providing productive SAP expertise and cloud management capability.


Having a partner such as Synaptyk allows SAP to fully leverage their cloud investments, as they penetrate the mid size market by promoting the fundamentals benefits of software as a service: low investment requirements, rapid deployment and affordable pricing. All of this is a good example of the potential of the cloud being actually realized in the market.